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"Transformational Drawing" Activity

I use a lot of artwork in my work as a therapist. It’s great because it taps into a different part of the brain. It can reduce stress, help individuals with the experiential aspect of life- be in the moment and shut down the brain. Those are great benefits, are they not?

This activity I have used in both individual and group settings. The picture included is my own processing. It was my self-concept at the time. On the left was a picture of where I wanted to be…and on the right was an aspect of how I wanted to grow. At the time I saw everything as myself connected to my daughter. She was just a few months old…and that stage of parenting can be all-consuming. I was in no way resenting my role. I actually loved it! But the right, the groovy mama with big hoops and a sassy skirt (things I don’t actually wear) was how I wanted to grow. It’s hard to put into words the aspect I was wanting to grow, but that’s the beauty of art therapy because it captured the emotion I was wanting to step into. Basically, I wanted my “zing” back. To take care of myself, re-claim my body after an interesting birth experience, and pair my work as a new mama with my work in the world as a therapist.

So, if you’re a therapist, or if you’re wanting to do some individual self-growth on your own, here are the basic instructions:

Option 1-

1) Draw/color how you present to the world

2) Draw/color how you feel inside

Option 2-

1) Draw/color how you see yourself

2) Draw/color an aspect of yourself you want to grow

If you’re doing this as a therapist, you can ask them to share anything they noticed about their experience while doing the activity. Ask them what they need for growth, and what resources they currently have to be stepping into the second side of the page. If you’re doing this alone, I encourage you to journal about your experience, or even share with a trusted friend or partner.

If you’re curious about how you can grow more, check out my course. Happy rooting!

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