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Rooted to Fly - Therapy


I hold the belief that each person has the ability to evolve and change to be the best version of themselves! We were created to have purposeful lives and thrive in our relationships. Healing takes courage and I'd be delighted to join you on your journey live a life you love! I provide a safe, open, and accepting space to help you move past any roadblocks and find a sense of hope and joy. I am a doctorate level therapist, trained in EMDR, mindfulness, and couples therapy. More details of my credentials and training can be found here. 


Pricing: I offer therapy through The Peacemaker Center, which is a non-profit committed to offering therapy despite an individual's ability to pay. We provide a wide sliding scale that can accommodate everyone! We want everyone to get the help they desire no matter what their income level is. 

Please email me at for more details or to set up your initial session!


I am able to see anyone at any stage or walk of life, but below are my specialties:

Couples: A lot of couple's therapy doesn't work. Why? Because the focus is in the wrong place. First, the sessions focus on the content of the issue rather than the process. So, our sessions will take a step back to see the bigger picture and dig deeper to the underlying problems. There might be a lack of trust, a lack of emotional connection, or a lack of boundaries that are fueling your fueds. We will get under the surface and bring more connection to your relationship!

Women: Whether you're attempting to create a new identity, find your voice, set boundaries, fueling a sense of purpose, or any of the above on any given day, I have you covered! My approach is to help individuals come to a place of trusting themselves, forming a new, more compassionate way of relating to themselves, and then start practicing their new way of being in the world. With that comes being courageous to identify the problem and listen to yourself enough to make it happen. I will support you along the way!

Trauma: Carrying an old wound and an old, painful storyline along with you is a bit too heavy to carry alone. My approach when working with anyone with depression or any lingering trauma is to first create safety, understand the nature of the trauma, and then set out to create a new story. That might mean we target the core belief you carry about yourself to uncloud your self-image created by trauma. I use EMDR therapy, art, and talk therapy. Healing from trauma requires a holistic approach, so that's the path I take. It's ok to let go of your hurt, but doing so requires a lot of courage. I'd love to walk alongside you as you let go of the pain that no longer serves you.

Teens: My past involvement in youth sports had me in a position working with teens for many years. The most common things I see in the teens I work with are anxiety and depression. This is understandable because teens today face big decisions and big to-do lists. Navigating all the emotions linked to the teen years, finding your identity, and figuring out how to communicate your needs is something I'd be happy to help you with! 


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