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Boundaries Workgoup

It’s one thing to talk about boundaries…it’s a beautiful concept, really! Yet it’s another thing to put them into practice in order to experience the freedom and peace they can bring into your life. Even as a therapist, well versed in boundaries, I need to continually practice setting and re-evaluating the boundaries I’ve placed in my life. Like most paths we take in life, boundaries are not something we suddenly master or arrive at the end of the journey and mark it off as “accomplished.” Wouldn't that be nice? I love checklists, but this isn’t something we can check off the to-do list. Boundaries take ongoing work and attention! 


What better way to kick off the New Year than to learn about yourself, understand your needs, and set the proper limits to honor yourself and your values! Please join me in a group coaching series based on Nedra Glover Tawwab’s book and workbook on boundaries!

Please email me at to sign up!


When: Monday, January 29th-Monday, March 25th (skipping February 26th), 8 Weeks Total

Time: 6:00-7:30 pm ET

Cost: $50/session or $320 paid in full at beginning of series (If paid in full comes out to $40/session)

Location: Virtual Zoom Sessions

Three Notes: 

If you find that you'd like to join this workgroup but find you're not able to make ends meet financially, please email me to discuss scholarship opportunities.

Both book and workbook should be purchased prior to our first session...we will be jumping right in! You can find the book here & the workbook here.

If you're still not sure if this group is right for you, please reach out! One thing you could be wondering is why a workgroup? Why not do this in regular therapy? One of my favorite things I learned in graduate school working on a project on the concept of community was this: it's in community (relationships) we are wounded...yet it's also in community we are healed. A workgroup gives you ideal ground to practice stepping into the You that you're becoming. Sometimes naming boundaries or even setting them with complete strangers is just the right amount of practice you need before taking that work to your own family and friends. 

Are you ready to become a healthier and more authentic You?

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