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How prayer evolves with the ebb and flow of life

Some people learn through pictures, others are more audio. I never thought of prayer in this way, but I now believe people can have different styles geared towards how they learn. I’m finding that when I am silent before God I close my eyes and am filled with pictures. Pictures for the present, and pictures for how the future can look. I used to picture myself and God sitting together in my home sanctuary, soaking up each other’s love with calm delight. Now, I close my eyes and picture God walking, almost skipping, pumping his fists to cheer me onward. I think in our faith-life we have those different waves. Periods of rest, followed by periods of faithful action. Both are necessary.

In order to know our true direction we must pause. We don’t want action without awareness. If we move without awareness we will finish out a year, maybe 5 years, and then wonder how we got there. The hard part is holding onto the awareness we have as we move forward in action. When excitement gets going for the “next steps,” it can be easy to get rolling and lose connection to the core of what we are working towards.

One way that helps me hold onto what I’m working towards is to create a picture. I either paint, draw, or sketch…just do something to capture the vision. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it must capture the dream and passion of the vision. Sometimes I even just paint in the colors that I see in my vision for what I want. Paintings and drawings don’t have to take any specific form- they just need to hold the ability to evoke excitement for what we see in the steps to come.

If you’re not as inclined to draw or paint, capture your dream in words. Write in a journal. Use bullet points to capture the main aspects of the dream. Write on a sticky note to pin to your mirror. Do whatever you need to bottle up the emotions and plans for what you want to create in your life! Just remember, take time to sit in prayer and reflection every once in awhile to be sure the path your on is still right for YOU. If you want help in this process, check out my course!

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