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Here's the deal, I lied to you...

Here's the deal, I lied to you. It was completely unintentional, promise! I said I was done with book clubs for the year, and yet I decided to have one more. Something you might already know about bloggers is we might write or post about things that are as much for us as they are for you. I'm just being honest! For example, my posts about the political divide were for me, too. Sometimes we just need to hear messages of hope when we get bogged down by hate. I'm right there with you.

So now, let me get back to the lying part. I thought I was done offering book groups. Then I found myself craving an honest, hope-filled reflection for this advent season that is fast approaching. I wanted something to guide my coffee-morning moments when I pause before I start my days. 2020 has been really tough at times. Can I get an amen? So, here I am, offering one more book club for the last days of 2020 on the book "Honest Advent" by Scott Erickson.

I'll be clear, I've never read a book by Scott Erickson, but I've heard great things! If you want a place to reflect and really be intentional about your final days to the year, I encourage you to join me!

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