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A source for hope during these election days...

This post is going to be super duper short. Really, I don't need to do much talking because the sermons will do all the talking. A few weeks back I posted a blog that had a sermon geared towards navigating all the tension that exists in the world, and particularly in the United States as we are ever so close to an election. Life Church has continued to speak to how we can handle the conflict seen in the world in a helpful way. If you're looking for hope and encouragement, I urge you to take a listen! I am including the link that takes you to all their sermons, but the ones to focus on are the ones titled "Election Daze." They have a whole series that is really great. If you find yourself on a drive or walk and looking for something to listen to in the next week, this could be it :)

Ok, friends, that's all I wanted to share for today. Praying you might experience more peace and hope in the days to come!

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