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Create a sanctuary in your home

There was a time in my life when I had to use just my imagination when thinking of having a sanctuary in my home. You know, a place just for me that created a sense of peace and calm. A place where I could journal and dream about the life I was creating. Where I could check in with my soul and spend time healing and growing. I didn’t yet have a place to myself, so I just imagined what it would look like. One day, I found a picture of just what I wanted it to be. It was a white room with a big white sofa, fluffy stools, and some stylish décor. It was very simple, yet even just by looking at it I was filled with ease. Now that I own a home, I created that exact space! Here are some tips for creating a sanctuary in your home:

*Full disclosure! This post contains affiliate links. In the event of a sale, I receive a small commission (at no extra cost for you), which helps support our site.

1. Fill the space with a color that speaks to you.

I was tempted to say “fill the space with a color that is calming to you,” but you might want something else out of the space. You might want it to be a space that invokes creativity, so I’d suggest fun patterns and vibrant colors like orange and yellow.

2. Try to add a plant to the space

Plants create a feeling of life. They also help with air quality. Double win there! I don’t know about you, but I am horrible with keeping plants alive. If you’re like me, try something easy. The best luck I’ve had is with the snake plant and bamboo.

3. Pay attention to the aroma in the room

Until recently, I’ve always had a candle as a calming focal point in my sanctuary place. But, since having my daughter I’ve been making a conscious effort to have a green home. So, I’ve been replacing some of my go-to products in my effort to create a cleaner environment. One of the things I’ve enjoyed is the use of essential oils. I got a diffuser and have played with different smells. I like frankincense when meditation or praying. I also love lavender when I want to create an overall calming atmosphere.

4. Arrange your furniture for the best view.

This one, along with the next one I will mention, are my favorite. I chose the room in my house to have my sanctuary because I can look outside at all the trees while enjoying my morning coffee. We live along a main road, so slipping to the back of our house is much more quiet and serene. If you don’t love the view where you live, work with what you have. You can face a beautiful painting on the wall or inspiring quote.

5. Add something soft- it can go a long way!

Nothing helps me ease into the day like a warm, soft blanket. Especially during the cold winter months, I love to have something cuddly to wrap up in.

Once you have your sanctuary all set up, I invite you to join me in my online course which aims to guide you into a deeper relationship with yourself and others! When you do the work in your own life, you're better able to improve your primary relationships. When you have smoother relationships, you can more easily step into the work you were created to do!

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