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A story of goodness

Last week I wrote about the need to look for light. Life can be hard, so we need to intentionally seek out goodness. Since writing that, I've been looking for it.

So, here's a quick story. Last night I was working with a client (I received permission to share!) who is a preschool teacher for underprivileged children. In our conversations, we came to the topic of the children she works with and she just so happened to be in her classroom. She said, "Look! Look what came for my kids!" There were 17 hand-knit blankets for all 17 of her children.

Maybe to you it seems small, but to me, it's a huge act of kindness. One, because I put out to God that I want to see more goodness. I've been praying for help in this area. To see the good, to be a source of kindness for others, and for more goodness to go around in our communities. I usually keep my "professional therapist stance" in sessions, but last night I was brought to tears. First, for my client (have I mentioned I work with some amazing people?!) who took the time to search for a special gift, and then second, for the people at Project Linus, who set up this amazing program to bless other people. I kept asking, "do you know who it was? Does it have a name of who knit it?" I wanted to know the story behind the blanket. I wanted to know who was gracious with their time to knit a warm blanket in order to brighten someone else's day.

You see, I think when we continue to hear on the news of stress and cancellations and hate, we really do need to seek more goodness. When we hear these stories, it even inspires us to be a little more kind. So, I take this as an invitation to offer kindness to someone else. Would you like to join me? How can we continue this "march for kindness?" In the season of giving, may we be creative with our ability to spread love and joy to those in our lives. We are co-creators with God. We can make a difference, even if it seems quite small. A smile. A card. Human contact is needed more than ever. Just the idea that someone was thinking about you means a lot.

Join me in my attempt to spread kindness this week! If anyone has more stories of kindness, feel free to email me at Happy rooting, everyone!

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