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Looking for light

This morning, I needed a message of about light. You see, I really try to be a person who looks for the positive and seeks hope. I actually did an entire research paper when I was finishing my seminary degree about hope. I believe the world needs more hope. And when I was completing that research, I needed more hope. I still do. Not that this is in my job description, but I feel my role as a therapist is to hold hope not only for myself, but for the world and for those I work with. I find it extremely important to maintain “unconditional positive regard.” It’s a term we learn in the classroom, but I found it to be quite natural because I work with some pretty awesome clients. And you know what? Many times if I don’t hold that space for them, that unconditional “I see the good in you,” doesn't come from anyone else in their life. Especially not from themselves.

So, like I said, I needed a message of light this morning. Life has been a bit heavy. Not just for the clients I work with, but in my own life. There have been many stressors, long work hours, troubled relationships, and oh…the whole covid thing. The thing is, it’s not just my life. I continue to hear stories of struggle. Or I hear fear about another pandemic, or questions about what’s next in life, or people just tired of not having any sense of control. I get it. It’s SO hard.

Listen to this. This is what I got this morning:

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” John 1:5

Hallelujah. A message of light. Of hope. Darkness cannot extinguish the light. As you might know, I am reading through “Honest Advent.” In this message of light, Scott Erickson also said,

“The function of light is to help us see more clearly. Jesus’ life helps us see our own lives more clearly.”

Jesus is the light. Jesus helps us see more clearly.

I think what hard events do in our lives is mask over the light. But it’s still there, we just don't see it. I don’t really think of spiritual ware fare much…because, well, I just don't like to give that much weight. But the other day as I continued to see things in the world breaking apart…financial strain, strangled relationships…I just thought, “Woah, is this really what’s going on here?” With one of my dear client’s, our conversation brought about one of my favorite Beth Moore quotes. I remember hearing her say that God can serve us cocktails....those strong mixed drinks. It’s not just one thing, like beer or wine. It’s the whole she-bang. Life is one big old glass of a Long Island. We got a one too many things poured into our glass.

What’s the take-away here? Let’s boil it down to some conclusions:

· Light is still here, in the darkness

· We need to intentionally look for the light

· We need to really attempt to be the light, since the light is in us

When life get's extra heavy and complicated, we might not be able to see the light. We might not be able to see our situations clearly. So we need to look for the light. It takes being really intentional. Sometimes life is too hard to say, "God, what are you teaching me?" This is not a post to rush into any type of brushing off of emotions. No, it's just a post to say that when we are served mixed drinks, we need to intentionally look for the good that still exists. I'll leave you with the beginning lyrics of the hymn, "It is well with my soul":

When peace like a river attendeth my way

When sorrows like sea billows roll

Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say

It is well, it is well with my soul

I pray for more peace and more light in your life this week. Happy rooting, everyone!

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