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Why do you miss God speaking to you in your life?

Advent is all about waiting for God to be revealed to the world through Jesus. Often times we are in a place in life where we are looking for God or life to "give us a sign." We want clarity. We want wisdom. Sometimes, though, God IS speaking...we just miss it.

Today I'm going to share why we miss it, which is inspired from my Advent Reflection on the book "Honest Advent" by Scott Erickson.

Here are some quotes to show why we miss God's messages in our lives:

"Because in true YHWH form, the Giver constantly uses the people we ignore to reveal the Giver's ways."

"Why God's revelations usually don't come through big flashy avenues is (1) God doesn't need any money via merchandise at retail stores, and (2) bigness doesn't ask the viewer/listener to have to transform to receive it...and God is all about transformation."

"The Giver of life hides revelation in the things we ignore because it is the work of humbling ourselves and asking to have eyes to see and ears to hear that truly transforms our hearts."

"So it is with you as well, that divine proclamation will come through very unexpected ways. It very well may be through the ignored and marginalized aspects of your life- the embarrassing, unsuccessful parts- that if you take the time to listen, you'll begin to hear the angelic proclamation: "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause you great joy for all the people. Today...a Savior has been born to you."

What did you take from all of that? Let me bullet-point how my mind made sense of it all:

1. We make things flashy, but God doesn't need flashy to give a message. It's not about packaging things up in a pretty way to present our best selves to others.

2. God speaks through many forms, many of which we overlook. Messages in our lives don't always have to come from people with PhDs or from well-known authors. They can come from people we often overlook.

3. God's messages can also come from within ourselves, but from ALL of who we are, not just the parts of ourselves we like. Maybe in the remaining days of Advent we can befriend those "bad" parts of who we are that we try to keep hidden away.

4. God is all about transformation. Sometimes we can't hear a message because we haven't done the work in our hearts to open our eyes, ears, and hearts to God.

Why don't you pray with me? Here is what I think we could pray:

"God, I am desperately seeking you in my life. I need you. Help me to hear You, help me to see You working. Open my eyes and my heart to Your work. Transform me to be available to hear You in those places I've often overlooked. You are in my joy AND my pain. I am here, open to your transformation. Amen."

Happy rooting, everyone!

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