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Who do you want to be in the New Year?

Before we get started, let me say, answering this question to me feels different than setting New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes I’ve felt like I’ve forced a New Year’s Resolution and it didn’t stick because it wasn’t meaningful. This will be really short because all I’m doing is sharing with you some of the questions I’ve been pondering. I found myself not so much focused on the goal, but the process. What steps do I need to become who I want in the New Year. Anyway, here are some reflection questions as we get ready to enter a brand new year!

1) Who do you want to be this New Year? I mean, what qualities do you want to develop in yourself?

For me, I want to develop patience, acceptance, and connection. I want to be someone who is safe for others and for myself. Think about what qualities you want to develop in yourself this upcoming year.

2) Who tempo do you want in the New Year?

This I realized was the biggest thing for me as I reflected. When I was listening to my heart, it urged me to slow down and relax. The past 6 months have been anything but relaxing. More than focusing on who I am, I first need to slow down to create the space to allow myself to be transformed. That means creating a slower rhythm to my days, having an actual “off” day, spending intentional time with Alan and Marley, sitting by the fire. I want to give myself permission to shorten my daily to-do list so I can enjoy my days, rather than focus on completing everything and being “productive.” What about you? Does your pace need to be shifted at all? Reflect on what kind of pace you want this new year.

3) If there was one word to describe this next year you want to have, what would it be?

What kind of question is that, Amy?! I couldn’t pick just one. My words would be slow & connection. Slow means to lessen my load, be mindful of what I say “yes” and “no” to, even add a little more fun and less work. Connection means I want to connect with God, find a community here in Lancaster, and really connect with Alan and Marley. Is there a word (or two) to describe this next year for you?

4) What’s the process you need to start to create the changes you want to see?

What I’m asking here is are there any daily practices you need in order to create the change you want? Is there a weekly self-check in you want to start? For me, I want to be really intentional about my morning time of reflection…guarding it and not working the entire time. For Alan and I, I want to do a weekly devotional to continue building a marriage of deep connection. Is there anything you want to help nurture the kind of change you want in your life? Prayer time, journal time, time for walks...think about what will help you nourish your soul and open up space for God to mold you.

How would you answer these questions? I hope they are helpful to give you the extra nudge to create the changes you want. Be brave and dream of who you want to be in the New Year! Change is possible. Joy and contentment ARE possible. Happy rooting, everyone!

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