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What is manifestation...and how do I do it?

I have to tell you something I said to myself this morning. It won’t shock you, but it shocked me because of the belief I’ve had about this topic. I was thinking about my life and I said, “I want to manifest.” WHAT?! My surprise comes because I am constantly seeing and hearing talk about manifestation, but I ALWAYS write it off. Why do I write it off? Well, I think I’ve held a belief that my age group (millennials) is a bit on cloud 9, thinking they deserve everything. I sound pretty old and crotchety, don’t I? :) I’ve taken on the beliefs that millennials are entitled and not willing to work for what we want. Ok, not all, but what I see is that I’ve absorbed some beliefs from other age groups that really are not all that accurate or helpful. I can't believe I fell for a definition others told me, when I am constantly telling clients they get to chose what role they play in life...NOT OTHERS. This morning I had to face those beliefs. You see, my hesitation with manifestation was around fear…and trying to be the opposite of what our age group was labeled.

I know others might be against the idea of manifestation because it seems like a yoga-ish, weird kind of spirituality. There might have been some of that in there for me, since I come from a Christian background. Yet, I finally decided to look into what manifestation is and what happened was similar to what happened when I interviewed someone from a different line of faith… I realized we had a lot more in common than I thought. And truthfully, a lot of what I read is similar to even what I tell clients of mine.

If you’re like me, hesitant about the word “manifestation” that is always thrown around, I want to just give you some keys of what it is. And part of this process I want to give you baby steps into how to manifest something you want in your life...

First, some keys of what it is:

· Like attracts like pay attention to your thoughts and limiting beliefs

I can get on board with this. I just did a sports psych series for teens this past winter and this is totally what I taught in terms of visualization tactics. If you picture what you want to happen in sports its MUCH MORE LIKELY to happen. When I coached volleyball, I never told an athlete to picture serving in the net. I mean, would you?! I would say, picture where you want to serve and even use a cue word. This is that tactic, but in real life. Keep your mind on what you want. Keep it positive. Focus on the good and more good happens. Focus on the bad, more bad happens. By picture what we want it's easier for that to happen because we keep it at the forefront of our minds.

· You co-create life with God/higher power

For me, my language is God, but I have no qualms with using other language to define this idea. This is mainly saying 1) there is something out there bigger than us and 2) you don’t just use wishful thinking, you pull on your bootstraps and GET AFTER IT. YES! We gotta get after it. Before I looked into this idea of manifestation this was my biggest misbelief. I thought you just say something and then just think it’s going to arrive on a cloud. No, you have a desire, then you co-create. You have an active role.

So, what do you do if you want to try to move into manifesting something? Also, if you still have any hesitation with this concept, maybe just change the wording. I could say, what to do if you are trying to make a dream a reality…

1) Ask for what you want. Be clear on what you want... then ask

Again, this is not out of line with Christian teaching if you come from that background. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…” (Eph 3:20). Even if you don’t come from that background, it’s always good to be clear on what you want.

Here are ideas of what to ask yourself or journal about:

What do I truly want?

If money wasn’t an object, what would I do?

What do I NOT want?

If I had a genie, what would three wished be that I’d ask for…

2) Believe that what you ask for will come your way

Again, I have to face the entitlement belief, but yet when I look into this more this is definitely something I live by and also teach clients. You can’t achieve much of anything if you’re wallowing in negative beliefs. Beliefs are so powerful. If you tell yourself you’re not capable of a loving relationship, it’s going to be reallllly difficult to have that happen for you. Be kind to yourself. This step is hard for a lot of us. Address your beliefs and then stick to confronting the bullies in your own mind. Tell them they can take a hike.

3) Receive what you want

Allow God (or the universe) to give you what you’re asking for. This is the fun part. Yet, part of the process of getting here is to detach from what you want. If you’re trying to force what you want its likely fear could be involved. And to be honest, I’m writing that for you, but secretly I’m really telling myself! I can be so impatient! I like to have control. Yet we are to move forward with open hands and open hearts, allowing God to shape our desires and how things unfold. If you have trouble with this, I encourage you to meditate and pray on this idea because it really can help you move forward with much more peace. Picture laying whatever it is you want at God’s feet, or even handing it off into the wind. That is detachment.

This concept makes me think about a wooden sign I received as a wedding present. It says, “marriage is more about being the right person than finding the right person.” To me, this sign means we are to embody what we want then it often comes our way. When we change things around us change. If you want to lose weight and be healthier, you must believe it can happen for you then let go of the outcome. Yet, since you're an active participant in the process, you must also make new choices day after day. Control what you can, release the rest.

Was this helpful? Anyone else going to manifest? You might be like me and see that this concept really isn’t all that far from some things you already believe. My biggest suggestion would be to get clear on what you want, give yourself the benefit of the doubt, then commit daily to moving in the direction. Push through setbacks and get the support you need to reach your goals! Happy rooting, everyone. You can do it!

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