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Takin' it back to the beginning

Some of you have been reading for awhile, some more recent. So what I wanted to do was take this blog post back to the beginning when I got a wake-up call that sounded like a sign I painted and put up on my office wall, “slow down and simplify.” It was before I knew there were social media movements that incorporate all kinds of fun hashtags…#simpleliving #slowliving #minimalism…have you seen any of those? I didn’t know it was a “thing,” yet my soul was craving for a new pace in life. That’s really how it started for me. It wasn’t about the stuff, it started with the fact that I was rushing through life. Faster was always better. Fitting more into my day was a victory. Yet I was burnt out.

Slowly, and I mean slowly, I started listening to these nudgings of my heart. I started paying attention to the sign I put up on my wall. At first it was a nice sentiment. What a nice idea to slow down. Right? How cute. But I just kept following the drive to make more money, do more, be more. Then finally, I decided to really listen. I decided that I didn’t have to keep putting off living a life of balance. I could have more of that peace and fullness in life I wanted now. And for me, that meant cutting back on my to-do list, as well as the amount of stuff I put into my life. No, I’m not an extreme minimalist. But I am very intentional. I say “no” and mean it. I say “yes” and mean it.

If some of this sounds good to you, I encourage you to check out some of my recent posts.

But for now, here are some reflection questions

1) What does your pace of life currently look like?

2) What is your “go-to” pace?

3) What might your soul be trying to say to you?

4) If you had a slogan, like I created for my wall (slow down and simplify), what would yours say?

It's always great to take time to reflect, but it's even more important when you feel your insides urging you to make a change. For awhile we can ignore them and push them back down, but sometimes they become so strong we have to take the time to listen. I hope you give yourself the time this week to slow down and listen to what your soul is trying to say to you. Happy rooting, everyone!

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