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September Wisdom

This morning I had an urge to pick up my little prayer book and I was pleasantly greeted with a simple reading to guide my focus as I continue into the month of September. I’m thinking you might enjoy it as well. Each month, the book opens with a short little reading that helps set the tone for the month. Here is Septembers:

It’s as if God is saying:

“Return to me and let me instruct you. Learn my wisdom that leads to freedom and my freedom that leads to love.”

See this as an invitation to sit in silence, allow your focus to be centered on living with an openness to God’s wisdom. May that wisdom transform our lives to be filled with more love- Love for ourselves, love for others, and love for the lives we live. God speaks in the silent moments, so I hope that you’re able to give yourself a break for a moment today to sit and just be. Enjoy your journey to wisdom the remainder of this month! Happy rooting, everyone.

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