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How to declutter during covid-19

If you’re like our family, you have continued to think about decluttering…but there remains one make piles and then you’re stuck with it! We’ve decided to continue sorting through things anyway, here’s what’s been working for us!

1) Do it anyway!

Even though you can’t take a freshly decluttered box of things somewhere, you can still declutter anyway. Especially if you have time, it’s perfect to go through things and really be mindful of what fits in your life and what no longer fits. It's not ideal to keep it, but it's the only option for now. So don't let the circumstances hold you back from decluttering!

2) Store it away, see how you feel

I know when you read from minimalist and decluttering blogs they say the best thing is to get rid of something right away and not second guess yourself, but since you can’t take it anywhere you can store it in a box out of site and out of mind and see if it’s something you actually miss or would end up needing to re-buy. I know for some this advice is a major no-no, but let’s face it…you really don’t have a choice!

3) Gather a list of places where you can take things once it’s time

I’ve started creating a list of where I want to take things I’ve sorted through once it comes time to get rid of them. I’ve joined a “buy nothing group” on Facebook for things I want to offer to people in my community, I’ve started making a list of things we’d like to sell, and then I’ve started a box to take to Salvation Army. I’ve considered looking into women’s support groups and shelters in our area because I have a number of work outfits I don’t wear that could be better used elsewhere. But, I hesitate because places like Salvation Army take many different types of things and while I’m all about putting in extra effort to help individuals, I also like simplifying my life so most of our stuff might just end up in one place.

4) If you decide to declutter, make a list!

Making a list of areas of your house you want to declutter will help you stay organized and also help you avoid being overwhelmed. When I’ve tackled one area or one room at a time, it’s helped a ton. When we start small, we gain momentum. Start with a small drawer and work up to that area of the house you’ve been avoiding for years. You can do it!

5) Pay attention to the intangible things you can declutter

Because I’m a therapist, I always have to throw this kind of stuff into the conversation :) Decluttering often focuses on the physical clutter, but if you have the time, get rid of some of the mental and emotional clutter. Meditate, pray, identify problem areas in relationships…do these intangible things to clear unwanted clutter in your mind, heart, and relationships. It pays off! We need space in our physical surroundings and in our heart and soul.

When we take time to declutter, we are making space. We make space to just have more breathing room…or…we make space to allow something better to take it’s place. Decluttering is about finding what no longer fits our lives and is no longer useful. Once you start the process it feels so freeing! If you’re a decluttering pro then I’d encourage you to continue the process you’ve already started.

Happy rooting, everyone!

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