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How our true self can guide our journey

As I’ve been on this journey to simplify my life, I’ve found it's necessary to take pit stops along the way to rest and reflect. I’ve been on a kick about manifesting what’s to come, but if what you want to bring into your life is not in alignment with your true self, it’s not likely to bring the amount of joy and contentment you seek. I’m saying “you,” but I’m speaking to myself because I had a gentle reminder this morning to stop planning, stop striving, and just soak in the moment.

Here is the quote I sat with, from one of my favorite authors:

Let's spend some time to reflect on this quote and how are true self guides our journey:

1) It speaks to us when we are quiet

Yes, it’s necessary to quiet down the monkey brain to hear your true self. For me, I’ve used the word “heart” as synonymous with my true self because they seem to speak the same language. One of my favorite resources that has scientific research on this idea is the “Heartmath Institute.” Here is some information on this idea that you might like.

2) It wants the very best for us

It wants the best for us, but it doesn’t mean the best is always easy. It’s not a voice of condemnation or punishment, so if you have a lot of negative self-talk that is NOT your true self. That’s not to say your true self is always gentle and fluffy. It might be a lot of the time, but it can also come through as strong and matter of fact. Whatever way your true self speaks to you, it will always want what’s best for you.

3) It takes risks and pushes us into a place of vulnerability

Ah, I’m bringing Brene Brown into this. In my current book group we are reading “Daring Greatly” and it’s all about being brave and being vulnerable. What is vulnerability, you ask? …”vulnerability is the cradle of emotions and experiences that we crave. Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity.” (BB) Who doesn’t want that?! Your true self doesn’t always want to stay safe. It might urge you to take a step into a deeper, livelier way to be in this world. It might mean speaking up when you haven’t before, choosing a new way of talking to yourself, or leaving the secure job. It means putting yourself out there even if you need to push through some fear along the way.

4) It can go against what seems rational

You know the thing about going to everyone and their mom for advice? They aren’t you and they aren’t going to always give you advice that is in line with your best path. Sometimes doing what’s best for you isn’t what your family would say is best or even the popular decision. It might not even always seem rational. But, the more you listen to your true self, the more you honor it by going in the direction it leads you, the more you will trust that despite things not always making sense it WILL lead you in the best direction for you.

5) It’s good, loving, and “for” connection

These words can be misconstrued depending on what you think of when you hear “good”, “loving” and “connection.” Some people have always been the “good kid” or think of love and connection as a lack of boundaries and always doing what someone else wants. Loving also is not that parent that is passive, allowing the child to run the show. Being good, loving, and “for” connection means showing up, being seen, allowing your true colors to break through. It means it’s in support of kindness and respect. It levels people out…knowing that no matter what type of degrees you have, what color your skin is, or how much money you have that all people have an innate worthiness. Everyone’s worthiness is just there because we are human. We all deserve love and respect. No number on the scale or list of things we got done in the day could change our worthiness. We are just worthy. End of story. Today’s a good day to start living from a place of worthiness.

I’m hoping you also needed a moment to pause and check in with your true self. It’s not something that some people have and others don’t. We all need to heed the wisdom of our wise inner voice. Step out in courage to build the life you want! Take the guidance of your true self into a new place of being. Happy rooting, everyone!

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