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Free Resource: Heartmath Experience

I've been meaning to pass this resource on for a few weeks now! So here it is! If you're new to Heartmath, it's a resource I stumbled upon randomly when looking into how I can live a more integrated life and help my clients do the same. The people at Heartmath have studied the wisdom that can be found within our hearts to guide is in our decisions and also have provided various activities to help others do just that. But in order to make decisions from a balanced position (this is MUCH more than the phrase "follow your heart") we need to lower stress and come to a place of balance emotionally.

If this is catching your attention, here are some resources.

Here is the first article I came across that gives an overview and also walks you through an activity to engage your heart

Here is the Heartmath Experience. I recently saw they explain things in a short video series. It talks about how to involve the wisdom of the heart in everyday life.

I think the more we work to team up our heads and hearts the more we can live a life we are proud of. When we neglect one, we are out of balance. We need to incorporate both, honor the wisdom of both, to really follow the right path in our decision-making. Our society has been very brain, rational thinking, masculine clear-cut thinking dominated that it's neglected the mystery of how our "gut" can be utilized to make the best decisions. These decisions are just the one's we might consider to be cute and fluffy, related only to love and relationships. They are the decisions we make in big business deals and athletics where a balanced, integrated approach is ideal. Sometimes numbers speak for themselves, but sometimes you also have to go with your gut, which this is what Heartmath is all about.

Check it out, my friends! Happy rooting.

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