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Communication: Keep it Simple!

This week I wanted to focus on communication. First, I’m going to list some communication basics I read last spring that teach us how we can bring the simplicity mindset to our communication skills. Then later this week I want to see how we can talk about our method of prayer and how it relates to simplicity. When you think of prayer you might not think it ties to communication skills, but it does, promise!

Let's now dive into our topic on hand, keeping communication simple. Have you ever wondered why some families seem to have constant miscommunications and others seem to always be on the same page? Maybe it’s just me since I’m a marriage and family therapist, but I always seem to note different styles of communication. Certain keys help individuals communicate more effectively. Last spring when I was reading from a simplicity book, I was really impressed to see some of the tips they shared for more simple and succinct communication. Below is a summary of the main points!

· Communicate more honestly ...connect inner experience with outer expression. This develops trust: integrity, honesty, authenticity mix well to create trust. Cooperate even when disagreements exist

· Let go of gossip and wasteful speech. Examples: chatter that has little relevance, name dropping to up your status, using overly complex language.

· Value silence. This helps things come into sharper focus. Silence helps us be more direct in our communication.

· More eye contact. Eyes have been called the seat of the soul, so this would lead to more soulful and deep communication. Avoid laser beam eyes trying to pry out information, but aim for understanding and accepting eyes.

· More openness to nonsexual physical contact. Hugging and touching that doesn’t have a hidden sexual agenda helps with communicating with another person.

Did anything stand out to you? I don’t know about you, but I really valued these reminders, especially to be silent and listen. It takes a certain level of humility to be able to listen well. In case anyone really likes looking further into topics, I am sharing these ideas from the book “Voluntary Simplicity” by Duane Elgin. In light of this reminder to keep things simple, I will keep this post short and to the point! Happy rooting, everyone!

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