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Avoid shopping with these tips

The other day I posted about the lull of holiday shopping. As I was being tempted to spend…and then spend a bit more…I decided to read from some simplicity gurus. I landed on Courtney Carver’s blog, and was so happy that one of her most recent posts happened to be on how to avoid shopping. Bingo, just what I needed. Before I continue let me say- shopping is not bad. It's the mindless shopping that helps us avoid feeling our feelings or just keeps us busy for the heck of it, that's the shopping that doesn't fit if we want to simplify our lives and live intentionally.

In an attempt to not take away from her wise words, I am dropping the link to her blog right below.

The biggest takeaway is WAIT. (Don’t get pulled in by the marketing tactic making you think you must buy instantly). Also, it might do us all some good if we start unsubscribing from the tempting emails and limit our online use all-together. May we continue to pursue a life that isn't "anti-stuff"...but really FOR REAL JOY. Joy that's created by genuine connection to ourselves, God, and others. Happy rooting, everyone!

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