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Abuse Prevention in Children

Last week I wrote a blog about why sexuality is such a taboo topic. After that, I remembered a podcast that was suggested awhile back on abuse prevention for children. The podcast is geared towards parents, but I think it could be helpful if you're a grandparent, teacher, or in any way connected to children. Part of me hates that this topic is so needed right now, yet the reality is that children are vulnerable and horrible things have happened. We've all heard MANY news stories in the past 10 years of more and more children being sexually abused by people in trusting, revered positions.

My intent is not to scare you with this post. It's just become a topic that's needed to discuss. I see it even more in my line of work as a family therapist, so what I'm doing today is sharing a resource from a parent educator named Janet Lansbury. In this podcast, she interviews Rosalia Rivera, an abuse prevention specialist and consent educator. The goal of the podcast is to equip parents with the tools they need to educate children about boundaries, body safety, and consent.

Even if your children are older, there is opportunity to continue to discuss ways to create a healthy relationship with their bodies and even what safety looks like in their current life stage. My hope is that as we continue to talk about the "taboo" topics that there is more room for healing and a bit more safety in our world for the vulnerable. Happy rooting, everyone!

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