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A reflection for these uncertain times

I want to pause from focusing solely on simplicity to comment on the various situations in our world right now. This morning during my prayer time I took time to pause and reflect on words that really uplifted my soul. Globally, we live in uncertain times. Nationally, we have greater unrest. Individually, we even have our own inner trials that need tended to. So, the words that came in my centering prayer time were very timely. They are words of hope, words of trust, and words of confidence.

Here they are, taken from Psalm 106:

May we become bearers of joy

Invited to share in the cosmic dance!

May we walk in faith

Confident of your Divine Presence.

May we have faith in the unfolding of our lives

And radical trust!

My invitation to you is to do a bit of centering prayer with this. We will just change the rules a bit. Sit with a word or phrase from each section. If you want, you can even focus on a word or each line at a time. For me, I first focused on the phrase “bearers of joy.” I sat with that phrase, focusing on God’s presence as those words ruminated and spoke to my heart. If I had thoughts come, I just let them pass. When you’re doing this, breathe at a nice relaxed pace and notice if there is any tension. Allow yourself to let go of the tension and focus on the words. When you sit with each phrase for a minute or so, sit with the next phrase that stands out to you.

May our world and nation experience healing and find a new path moving forward. Our God is big enough to restore us from illness, change our hearts as we move to love in the racial unrest, and open doors in our individual longings. The phrase near the end of this piece stands out as I write these words. It says, “may we have faith in the unfolding of our lives AND radical trust.” We need radical trust, yes, but if you’re like me you might have needed to hear that life unfolds. Despite all the goal setting and visionary activities we might do, we cannot predict the future. Our lives unfold, one page at a time. There is not jumping from chapter 1 to chapter 30, even if we want it to. So, we have to find joy in the present moment, committed to trust God as we partner with Him in the unfolding. We are partners, not helpless bystanders. God wants us to jump in and work with Him. As we attentively listen with open hearts, God speaks. When things are uncertain, we are called to slow down. We are invited to center, to focus on our being, and then move forward with awareness.

With a prayerful and hopeful heart, I leave you with that. Happy rooting, everyone!

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