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A little motivation on your path to living more simply...

I know, I know. I didn't write on here for so long and now I'm about to share someone else's post! Life has changed in our household. We added another babe to the mix...which means I've had a lot less time to jot down my thoughts here! Just as I was about to indulge in my first sip of coffee and have some "me time", I had a little baby that needed fed and then my toddler also came running into the room. As I nursed, I happened to see this post by Courtney Carver. It was just what I needed. Oh how I've needed the reminder that caring less what others think is the BEST self-care. The more we learn to trust ourselves, the more it's ok if other's misunderstand us. Thank you for these 8 helpful reminders, Courtney! I hope these reminders speak to your soul, too.

Happy rooting, everyone!

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