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Rooted to Fly - Buena Vista CO


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Hi! I'm Dr. Amy Hummel and I'm glad you found your way to Rooted to Fly! The name might seem confusing and you might ask, "How is it possible to fly if something is firmly rooted?" The idea is that in order to grow and expand in life, to live in a way that rises to one's full potential, there is a rooting process that must come first. It might be necessary to remove unhelpful weeds, such as habits or ways of thinking that do not serve you. In place of those old weeds, you can then use mindfulness to fill it with thoughts, ways of living, or beliefs that serve you much better. I'm here to help you in your growth process. Happy rooting!


What's offered?

 You will find multiple avenues for you to work towards your "flying" goals! You will find a blog for casual reading on topics of personal wholeness and relationships, online courses, seminars, and opportunities for individual, family, marriage, and group therapy.  

Rooted to Fly - Nova Scotia

Why Simplicity?


For the past three years, I’ve had a painting on my wall that says, “slow down and simplify.” It’s been a visual display of my inner yearnings. My insides have been telling me to change the pace of our life. And I have, at times, but then life sometimes picks up and we get going at a pace that leaves me burnt out, feeling like I need to shut off from the whole world. After having my daughter, I was brought back to the desire to simplify, but even more so. There’s nothing like having a child or some kind of big life event, that really teaches us what’s most important.


So, over the next year, I am going to be writing posts about our families’ journey to living more simply. I will also be doing book groups and creating material for others who want to join the simplicity journey and settle into discovering what’s most important in your life.


If you’d like to stay up to date with our journey and current offerings, I suggest subscribing to our email list! Building a community in any new direction in life is important, so I’d love for you to be a part of ours!


Happy Rooting,


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