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We need more of THIS during the holiday season

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s been a lot going on this year. Yes, that’s a joke. It’s hard not to notice! In my role as a therapist, I see first-hand how everything that’s happened in 2020 wears on people. I’ve been feeling a bit worn down by all the year’s events, so I decided to write a list of what this holiday season needs. Not more toys or presents. We need more…


Yes, wonder. When we get so bogged down it’s hard to dream and to think big. It can even make it hard to accept the total mystery of this season. I mean, if you think of the Christian Nativity story, really think about it, it can be really mind-boggling! Not having the ability to dream or be creative makes us feel "stuck" rather than creatively coming up with options. Connected to wonder, is…


When life continues to beat you down, it’s hard to find hope. But hope gives the ability to desire new beginnings, create some kind of needed change, or even believe good is possible in your own life. Have you ever been there? You think goodness is avoiding you. It’s possible for everyone, except you. Life can trick us into thinking that at times, but let’s try to hold hope close to our hearts during this advent season.


When plans seem to get cancelled left and right, joy might seem evasive. Yet, it means we need to be quite creative. It might mean starting a gratitude list each and every day. This year has made it very obvious of what we don’t have. We don’t have what we consider to be “normal” of much of anything. Yet when we focus on what we don’t have, we lose sight of other things we do have. Gratitude brings joy.

And finally, we need more...


When there continues to be so much hate in the world, we need to combat it with love. We seem to think we can use hate to ward of hate. Sometimes we even try judgement and criticism. But what we really need is more love. More grace. We need to abide in love and grace…to soak them up…so we can present more love to ourselves and to the world. We can’t offer to others what we can’t offer ourselves.

If you want any of these things, feel bogged down, desire a community to meet with for a few weeks this advent season, check out this book club. I came across the book titled, “Honest Advent” and decided it could be just what I wanted to discuss over a warm cup of tea this advent season. This year has stripped all the glitz and glam back, so what we are left with is a whole lot of honesty. How perfect. So if you’re up for it, send me a note if you want to join! If not, I pray you might find more wonder, hope, joy and love this holiday season. Happy rooting, everyone!

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