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People who struggle to live off of their intuition

Maybe you’ve been trying to grow your intuitive voice but have been coming up at a block in the road. In my work as a therapist, I’ve noted some people who have had more trouble than others listening to this guiding voice in their lives. Here is my list:

1. Codependents

Codependents are those who struggle to see a “me” and a “you” as separate. They are often the people-pleasers who like to put others’ wants and needs before their own. They feel over-responsible for things that are not theirs to handle and often block out their own emotions. Codependents might even experience higher levels of guilt and shame.

With this list, it might be pretty easy to see why a codependent person struggles to live off their intuition. In order to live off your intuition you must have a sense of self-worth and self-trust. See my previous post about this topic. You also are committed to honoring your wants and needs even above what others might want or need. This is not to say you ignore others needs or do things at the expense of others. I’m talking about healthy boundaries for adults. Meaning, others should not have more say about the direction of your life than you do. If you find that others in your life think they deserve first place in this area, I suggest you start setting some healthy boundaries.

2. Narcissists

Narcissists are those individuals that don’t typically take responsibility for their actions very easily. They are also typically concerned with outward appearances. Usually they believe close others are a reflection of themselves, so they might be overly critical. Narcissists get a bad rap for being one of the most difficult type of person to get along with, but at their core they have a very damaged view of self.

If you’re concerned with outward appearances, you really won’t do what’s best for you by listening to the inner guidance if it goes against what might look good. Someone that connects to anything listed should tend to that broken child-part of themselves, which will take a whole new level of self-awareness.

3. Depressives

This is a hard one to write about, because if you’re facing a depression or have a natural disposition that is quick to find your own faults, you will naturally struggle to hear your intuition. You will struggle because it’s much easier to hear and live from your intuition from a place of high self-worth. My recommendation would be to work on seeing the good in yourself first. Work on seeing how wonderful and valuable you are, then see if tapping into your intuition comes a bit more easily.

4. Those who live by “should”

How can we live from our intuition if we are allowing the throne of “should” reign in our lives? There will always be expectations all around us, but if we allow the “shoulds” dominate every decision we make, there will be no room for intuitive living. It’s time you decide if you’d rather live by pleasing everyone around you or if you will tend to the still, small voice inside.

5. Busy, on-the-goers

“Busy” has become a badge of honor. If we are busy, we must be important/needed/worthy. Right? Not so much. We are worthy because we are worthy. No, that’s not a typo. Your worth is not based on how much you do. This is like the lesson of grace in the Christian teachings. In the Christian teachings there is nothing you or I do to earn it, it’s just given. So, if you’re used to gaining your sense of worth from how much you do, see if you can have a mindset shift. Ask yourself if you are doing all the things on your list to feel “ok” about yourself. I can assure you, there will be no amount that you can do to feel “ok.” Maybe for a little, but then you will wake up the next day with the same void. If you see that you are enough FIRST, you might see you have a whole different task list. See if you can create a “pause moment” in your day to check in with your deepest self. This small act will help you go about your days with more clarity and intention.

If you find something on this list that sounds a bit like you, then you, my friend are perfectly normal. We all have a certain pull away from living mindfully and checking in with your intuition. If you’d like help in this area, check out my course!

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