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How living off your intuition can improve your life

When I was doing my doctoral research, I read a passage from a book that described intuition as a wise employee that no one quite understood. At the same time, Miss Intuition was indispensable to the company because there was nothing else and no one else that could come close to her guiding force for the betterment of the company. Doesn’t this sound just about right in terms of how intuition can help govern our own lives? Intuition has a soft, gentle presence that is often mysterious, but can greatly improve our lives if we learn how to listen to its guidance.

Here’s how it can improve your life:

1) More self-trust

This might just be a component of living off of your intuition. You can’t live off your intuition without self-trust. If you don’t trust yourself to know what is best for your life then living off of your intuition is impossible. Making the commitment to live from your intuition is putting yourself and your needs as high importance. It’s a way of saying to yourself, “Listen, I will do whatever is best for you.”

2) Increased sense of integrity

Integrity is living by a set of values and not wavering. It’s doing what you say you’re going to do. If you start to develop the skill of listening to your intuition you will know where it’s leading you. The best feeling is following it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a gut feeling multiple times and consciously chose to go against it. After a while the nagging feeling of going against it does NOT subside. If it goes repressed for too long it can lead to depression and anxiety. But if you hear your intuition and follow it, you will develop a sense of integrity by continuously choosing to follow that voice. Sometimes we have to wait to make a decision that is more practical for the time. That’s ok. Also note- living with integrity is not all rainbows and butterflies. It takes courage and guts. You might follow the right path for you, yet still be shaking in your boots. I don’t think life is nearly as exciting without a little risk!

3) More happiness

This is the best! When you continuously choose to follow your intuition, I can guarantee you will be much happier. You will be happier because you're now making decisions that are best for you, not what’s best for others. And as you make these decisions your life will start taking shape that best fits you all the way down to your core. You will feel more at home with yourself. You will feel a sense of freedom and the ability to say, “yes, this is SO right.”

I want to point out that doing what's best for you is only ok as long as it does not harm others. If you think your intuition is guiding you into a decision that would be good for you, yet harm others, I'd challenge you to check again. I say this because our intuition comes from the sacred seed deep within us. But if you are not harming others and are merely choosing what you want for your own life over expectations of others (both within your family and even societal expectations) then this will lead to more happiness in the long run. It might feel uncomfortable at first because you have to push through the desires of others, but I promise it pays off big-time!

4) Seeing yourself as worthy

Oh I love this. Again, this is another thing that develops in parallel line with intuition. It’s not really one before the other. To follow your intuition, you need to believe you’re worthy. You believe you’re worthy as you follow your intuition. What a freeing belief to live with that you are deserving of love and good things.

To learn how to better check in with yourself, check out my course!

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